The Council: A Psi’s Revenge

The Council: A Psi’s Revenge

While a young man's telepathic abilities grow, a hardened convict uses his powers to plan escape, and both seek revenge against a secret hit squad that's working within the largest territory of dystopian Western Australia in the year 2138.

Book One of After the Pulse

It's the year 2138, just over 60 years after the world went dark. Cities lie in ruin and gangs and cults control their own territories across the southwest of what used to be Western Australia. After mankind has recovered from near-extinction, society has reformed itself under the inventive technology and leadership of the Company. Through a quirk in electromagnetics, the Company has unlocked the brain's telepathic abilities while vehicles are powered by mag-engines, perpetual-motion machines, and the tenuous peace is kept by the Guard and their infamous plasma rifles, the most powerful hand-held weapon that's ever existed.

Employed as a Psi by the Company, 20-year old Jatz comes home to find his father murdered, and he's next. He'll fight for his life against corrupt Edge Guards and hunt for his father's killer within the Company while a fugitive from the dangerous and secretive inner cabal, The Council. As his telepathic powers grow in ways no human has seen before, he'll find more questions than answers about the Council and the complex history it has with his entire family.

Dukan has kept his telepathic abilities hidden while doing hard labour for a crime he didn't commit, but is a dangerous pawn in an even more dangerous game. He'll fight for his freedom in any way he can, and make sure that those who have wronged him all pay.

Jatz and Dukan's paths will cross during their quests for revenge, in more ways than either could have imagined, and together they'll eventually uncover the truth about the Council, and themselves.

About the Book

This is my first novel that I’ve not only finished, but published. The sequel is written and will be published soon and the third in the series will be out later this year.

I originally wrote the first draft about 50% of the way through about 12 years ago after a particularly detailed dream. Then I got Lifed at super hard for a while and only got back to writing a year or so ago when my wife held my chin in her hand and said, “You’re a writer. And writers write.” So that’s what I did. And am still doing.

The cover design is by the wonderfully-talented and endlessly-affable Booksmith Design. Amazing to work with and the kind of relationship you want with the person that’s building such a vital aspect of your books.

Series: After the Pulse, Book 1
Genres: Dystopian, Thriller
eBook Price: 2.99 USD
About the Author
Jay X. Lee

Jay is out to tell the story that you’ll think about, something that lasts. Something you keep.

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