Great Review from LETTERS FROM V

It was an amazing read and THE COUNCIL: A PSI’S REVENGE will sit on the top shelf of my bookcase with my favorite books that I love to read over and over again. Excerpt from Letters from V – Newsletter/Book Review 2/2/23 What an absolutely fantastic thing to read! When you have a dream, of not just writing books but having someone read them, this is the kind of thing that makes you feel likeLearn More

The Unholies: A Psi Defends (Book 2 of After the Pulse) Progress Update

I just made progress on The Unholies: A Psi Defends (Book 2 of After the Pulse)! Final edits are FINISHED, so I sent it out to the Betas. But don’t call them that, because the it sounds like something some MRA or Manosphere whatever some shit would say. We’ll call them ARC. Except that was the store in Denver that was like an op-shop but somebody told me it stood for Association of R-WORD Citizens,Learn More

Some thank-yous


So the book is out, and it’s even selling! Not heaps, but maybe enough to get some traction. There’s so much to learn with this journey, formatting and such, I’m still figuring a lot of things out. Which is to say that it’s no different from any other part of this whole deal. I had to figure a LOT out. But I had a lot of help too. People that took time from their ownLearn More

Another Cover is Ready!

The Unholies: A Psi Defends (Book Two of After the Pulse)

SO excited to announce that the cover for The Unholies: A Psi Defends (Book Two of After the Pulse) is ready! This one came out a lot quicker than the first one but I’m really happy with it. Final tweaks are underway and hopefully I’ll get full approval (meaning my wife and daughter like it) soon and I’ll make it official. The Unholies is 95% finished and needs only some final edits and a coupleLearn More

Cover Finished!

The Council: A Psi's Revenge - COVER

It’s finally done. I use the word “finally” even though I really didn’t have to wait that long and didn’t have any troubles, difficulties or delays in getting it finished. I suppose I was impatient because I was just so fucking excited to be a part of the process. For starters, I’ve been working with Booksmith Design and it was, in short, AMAZING. She’s wonderful, professional and best of all, GOOD. I felt well-looked afterLearn More

How to get this done?


There are days (SPOILERS: This is one of them) that the Life happening around me makes writing incredibly difficult. I’m a big believer in omens, signs, little signals to you that try to nudge you into a certain direction. When I’m struggling, labouring, with that Ever Important Opening Paragraph, and it’s one thing after another, I’m inclined to just quit. Put the document away, open a new tab, and blog about how fucking hard thisLearn More

Why most authors have a “look”.

I’ve noticed this for a long time and I think I’ve finally figured a few things out about the Book Publishing Industry and some of its inner-workings. On one side, we’ve always known that Video Killed the Radio Star. Which is a polite way of saying that fat and/or unattractive people aren’t really stars based on their talents any more. You have to be a bit nice to look at too. This isn’t 100% true,Learn More

Finish the other two books? Or start another one?

So I’ve got Project #1 finished, but it was clearly my first attempt and I made (am making) all the rookie mistakes. Only proofed and re-read, didn’t really “revise” anything. Didn’t go through every plotline, every character, and make sure they were handled properly. Kept lots of words because it was Hard Work writing them! #sentimental Sent my manuscript to ONE Beta Reader, then entered it in contests and sent it to agents. Fuck’s sake,Learn More

Still looking for “community”

S’funny to have a rant all ready in my head and then sit down and check the last entry only to see I’ve already written it. Must mean it’s a real thing then. Every post, every tweet, every email newsletter I get, even if they’re ostensibly about “helping” me become a published author, they ALL WANT MONEY from some method or another. There will be a nice, long article about character development or some shitLearn More

The Writer’s Community

I never wanted to come to the point where I piss and moan about The Internet, but I’m at the end of my rope with Writer’s Communities online. I risk looking as foolish as claiming we wore onions on our belts (which was the fashion of the time) when I talk about how it was Back In The Day, but things are so different now. And they’re not necessarily better. I used to be aLearn More

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