• Great Review from LETTERS FROM V

    It was an amazing read and THE COUNCIL: A PSI’S REVENGE will sit on theLearn More

  • The Unholies: A Psi Defends (Book 2 of After the Pulse) Progress Update

    I just made progress on The Unholies: A Psi Defends (Book 2 of After theLearn More

  • Thank-Yous

    Some thank-yous

    So the book is out, and it’s even selling! Not heaps, but maybe enough toLearn More

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My first novel is now published on Amazon and I’m super excited about it.

The Council: A Psi’s Revenge
Buy now!



I’ve recently published the SECOND in the series too!

The Unholies: A Psi Defends
Buy now!
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