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The Council: A Psi’s Revenge [Book One of After the Pulse]

It’s 2138, 60 years after the world went dark and society is reforming itself in Western Australia under the inventive technology and leadership of the Company.

Employed as a Psi, Jatz comes home to find his father murdered, and as he hunts for the killers and his telepathic powers grow, he’ll find more questions than answers about an inner cabal within the Company.

Doing hard labour for a crime he didn’t commit, Dukan is a dangerous pawn in a bigger game.

During their quests for revenge, both will uncover the truth about the Council, and themselves.

FINISHED! Published on Amazon.

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The Unholies: A Psi Defends [Book Two of After the Pulse]

It’s 2139, just over 60 years after the world went dark and almost a year after the Council’s failed coup of the Company’s leadership. Promoted by attrition, Sori finds herself almost single-handedly running the Company Territory from Freo to the south.

But a new threat has emerged. A mysterious and powerful telepath is assassinating Company employees and the killings coincide with attacks from the Unholies, a crazed and violent offshoot from the Hoytists, a religious cult that owns the entire southwest of what used to be Western Australia.

Newly-partnered Edge Guards Jatz and Raysha, along with the enigmatic Dukan, will try to help Sori protect the Company Territory from attacks, from outside and within. Each protects their own secrets though, and the truth might tear the entire territory apart.

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In 2140, just over 60 years after the world went dark, and the Company Territory’s boundaries fade following repeated hostile takeovers. Neighbouring tribes and gangs from all across what used to be Western Australia are suddenly making their way into the territory. Some to explore, some to scavenge, some are seeking something.

A travelling band of entertainers are also making their way through, and Sori and Dukan are first intrigued by what appears to be a telepath that’s as powerful as they are, but they end up investigating a trail of grisly murder-suicides in the wake of the new visitors.

Jatz and Raysha are used to being the best telepaths, and toughest Edge Guards, around. But when they’re sent to the wastelands North of the River to try and recover their missing friend, they’ll encounter things that they’ve never imagined, including old ghosts thought long gone.

The Caravan: A Psi's Legacy (Book 3 of After the Pulse)


The Pulse: First Days
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