Author Photo - Jay X LeeWriting was the only thing that got me through school, the essay question being my only chance at a passing grade. Born on a mountaintop in the northern US, educated at the one of the best in the south, corporately-careered in the Rockies, after a brief stint with internet celebrity (back before it was even called ‘blogging’) my life truly started when true love found me through my blog, and I ditched it all in the US to become a husband, father and certified-Australian.

I live the quiet life in Perth, looking after my family and raising amazing humans with the best co-pilot-in-life anyone could ask for.

Words, writing, language, they are what connect us all, no matter our occupation, station or interests. Everyone has a story to tell, some even have several, and a truly good story is something that makes an impact into your day, here and there, while you’re just living your life.

I’m out to tell the story that you’ll think about, something that lasts. Something you keep.

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