Still looking for “community”

S’funny to have a rant all ready in my head and then sit down and check the last entry only to see I’ve already written it.

Must mean it’s a real thing then.

Every post, every tweet, every email newsletter I get, even if they’re ostensibly about “helping” me become a published author, they ALL WANT MONEY from some method or another. There will be a nice, long article about character development or some shit only to have a link at the bottom “Sign up for my class on this” or some shit.

Don’t even get me started about Facebook. I’m in several writer’s groups and every post is either “How do I make a scene good?” and shit like that, or it’s “Great advice on [insert thing here], join us on!”

Fucking sick of it.

And it’s not you, it’s me. I’m the one that’s not fitting into this. I’m the one that still believes humans should use this here Interwebs to communicate with each other and share ideas and support one another, instead of constantly be looking for a place to pimp our wares.

Everyone’s a salesman these days, and I’m fucking sick of it. I don’t even HAVE any money, let alone have it to blow on joining your thing or taking your class.

Anyway, just here to bitch about it.


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